Are you looking for low competition keywords that can help your blog rank better? I’ve prepared a list of 50 low competition keywords for your food blog. Take a look!

KD means Keyword Difficulty and SV means Search Volume. Keyword difficulty between 0–10 is the easiest to rank for! Here you go!

Food and gardening keywords

  1. How long to boil hotdogs (KD 3, SV 500)
  2. What to eat before workout on Keto diet (KD 9, SV 200)
  3. What to wear to rehearsal dinner (KD 3, SV 500)
  4. What time is thanksgiving dinner (KD 7, SV 400)
  5. What to have with sausages for dinner (KD…

Starting your own small business is always exciting! But soon it’s replaced with anxiety, doubt, fear of failure, and other emotions. The journey of an entrepreneur isn’t easy. You have to be well prepared to overcome obstacles and hurdles you’ll face along the way. After all, there’s no recipe for success.

Irrespective of the many challenges, running your own small business can be rewarding and life-changing if you prepare yourself for the entrepreneurial journey.

Here are 7 factors to consider before starting a small business

1. Turn your idea into a business opportunity

Introverted Kids

If your child is “shy” or “withdrawn”, finding the right engaging activity could be a challenge. You don’t want to trigger stress and anxiety by forcing your kiddo into something uncomfortable, but you also don’t want your mini-you to miss out on experiencing the small joys of childhood.

Introverted children are often misunderstood. Their need for alone, quiet time to recharge is seen as a sign of reclusiveness. Remember that introverts enjoy activities as much as extroverts do. But the activities they tend to engage in are a bit different.

Here is a list of 10 best activities your introverted child will enjoy:

1. Paint the town red

Painting is great for children — it’s fun, stimulating, and…

Freelance writing is not limited to blog posts and articles. There are plenty of other writing services that new freelance writers can offer.

With businesses moving onto online platforms now more than ever, there’s a rising need for writers to create great copy for brands to be visible to their potential customers. Companies are trying to catch their audience’s attention through landing pages, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, and so on.

Not all businesses have the time or the skills to produce quality, well-written content, and so they are turning to freelance writers.

This is a great opportunity for writers, especially…

Building a successful website and social media channels is a must in the digital age.

And, in the current crisis, this is truer than ever. With increasing social distancing and business closures, many beauty and apparel businesses have found themselves losing customers, whilst being forced into the ultra-competitive world of online sales.

So, with all the digital noise, how can you stand out and woo new customers?

Here are the top tips for creating content that will grow your business online:

1. Create video content

Digital transformation is not about technology — but about people. People who form the crux of any business cannot be overlooked when it comes to shifting business practices.

The world today has undergone tremendous change within a very short period. Business processes, customer engagement, and general business operations have been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting issues. Organizations have been forced by circumstances to transform and change their models to accommodate this new reality.

In a 2018 publication by IDG Communications, Inc., a market intelligence and advisory company, it was cited that 89% of organizations have either adopted…

There are so many tees on the market. Why should a customer buy your tee? Do you have an answer? Put that into words and tell your customer why. If you don’t, someone else will, and your product may remain in the inventory.

With so many platforms to stay connected with customers, retailers are now focusing on converting clicks to sales. Fashion listings now have to be both attractive and interesting, with an emphasis on the unique benefits of the clothing. And, that’s where copywriting for fashion comes into play. …

My friends are often surprised when they see me out on weekends or even find me cozying up with a mystery novel in a nook of a café on a Tuesday afternoon. “Where do you find all the time?” they complain as they switch between client calls and struggle to meet deadlines.

Work is important: it brings food to the table and makes life comfortable. But it is much more important to spend time with yourself and do things you love to live a quality life. Meet your friend over a coffee and have a heartfelt conversation, catch up on…

Gaining writing experience

My first full-time job after graduating was a writing position at Myntra. My job was to write one-line product descriptions for each clothing range, and that’s really all there was to it.

Day in and day out, I listed out the types of necklines and dress shapes, determined fabric and sleeve length, and categorized various types of heels.

I’d reached a point where every time I met someone new, I’d start to wonder how round his T-shirt neckline was or how distressed his jeans were, or how much flare her dress had. …

Regina Michael

Writer | Editor | Storyteller

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